Design and Tradition

The Nieri brand produces and exports its handmade sofas and armchairs from Tuscany all over the world. The company is attentive to the needs of the market, to every kind of lifestyle and every type of customer, be it more refined, more minimalist or more modern. This is why the company offers three types of different collections, Classic, Modern and Country, so as to satisfy the housing needs of those looking for a quality product that lasts over time.

High-Quality Materials

Like any good company linked to its territory Nieri  uses the best raw materials exclusively coming from italian regions. For our frames we use the best  8 months seasoned poplar, beech and fir wood  which is then carved by master craftsmen in our own carpentry. The leathers are made in pure flower or aniline , are coming from the best tanneries in Tuscany and North of Italy and are treated with fire-resistant materials  as to withstand fadings and ravages of time . Our braids and trims come exclusively from the best suppliers in Tuscany.

Made in Itay

All of our production, including wooden structures and raw materials, takes place in Quarrata, in the heart of Tuscany, so we can say that we do’t just “Made in Italy”, we are  ”Made in Tuscany!” ( sorry, nobody’s perfect)


Elegance and Passion have always been our first choice. Starting with grandpa Gino, his son Mauro, up to the youngest generation with Alberto andMaurizio, the company has always been growing since 1929. It turned from a small handcraft lab at the side of a small town into a big Industrial Group.

Handcraft and Tradition

Creativity and passion together with a strict method are the ingredients chosen by our entire production department, which is located in Tuscany, Italy.