The Cashback card is not a simple card that builds loyalty on the customer who purchases at our online shop or at our company therefore collecting points. Through the CASHBACK card of Lyoness,  which it’s not a privat issue of Roma Imperiale/ Nieridivani, the customer acquires the right to have a CASHBACK, that is a percentage of discount on the purchase that returns almost immediately in monetary form directly on the client’s bank account. But there’s more!  For each purchase the so called Shopping Points aregive to the customer’s account, which Points can later be used for discounts or Deal inside the Cashback World of affiliates Companies. But for a company that sells furniture this would not be very useful, in fact the discount that would be given to the customer as a CASHBACK would be almost a one-off discount, since the same person buys a sofa at most twice in a lifetime from the same manufacturer. And  here lays the beauty of this card! It can in fact be used in thousands of real and online shops  in 52 countries in the world to buy literally anything you can imagine from petrol, clothes, cosmetics, cars, professional services, travels, groceries and much more . . Inside the CASHBACK circuit there are in fact affiliated companies that sell any kind of products and services and which are easily located through the app of CASHBACK ( For IOS: click here, For Android: click here) or visible on the site www.lyoness.com through which it’s possible to access the online shop of all the affiliated companies to have an immediate registration of the purchase and the shopping points.

Once you have registered through our site: https://www.lyoness.com/it/cashback/it-it/8016278-nieri-divani, here are the advantages:

With us 2%CASHBACK and 2.5 Shopping Points for every € 100 spent

In the world :


• Make your purchase at the Cashback Shop

• Show the Cashback Card at the time of payment

• Receive Cashback and Shopping Points


• Find and select the desired Online Shop

• Click on “Go to online shopping” and make the purchase

• Accumulate Cashback and Shopping Points

You will not need to have the plastic version of a CASHBACK card and you will not have to carry it with you, as it cannot be forgotten unless you forget your smartphone!

Your Cashback Card:

your Cashback Card is always available in your profile on the Cashback World operated by Lyoness website or on the Cashback App. Nearby there are also several  Cashback Shops that distribute the Cashback Card. In this way you can also get a Cashback Card with the logo of your favorite store in your area



• Receive a Cashback up to 5% of the amount spent

• The Cashback is credited to your current account

• Receive a bank transfer for every € 10 of accumulated cashback

Get even more advantages with the friendship bonus:

Do you like the advantages Cashback World operated by Lyoness? Then invite your friends to register and from each purchase you receive up to 0.5% friendship bonus.